Debit Cards

Citizens Community Bank Debit Card

More Acceptable Than Checks!
Although it resembles a credit card, your Citizens Debit Card is really an ATM card and more. Use it just like a check from your checkbook anywhere you see the MasterCard symbol displayed. That is why the MasterCard symbol is on your card.


Using The Citizens Debit Card at MasterCard Merchants
When you make a purchase with your Citizens Debit Card, your payment is automatically withdrawn from your checking account at Citizens Community Bank. Your purchases will be detailed on your regular monthly statement.


Using The Citizens Debit Card at ATMs
You can also use your card at any of the Citizens Community Bank’s convenient ATM locations, or at any ATM throughout the state or around the country displaying the Jeanie®, CIRRUS® or MasterCard symbol.


At Citizens Community Bank ATMs you can:

  • Withdraw Cash From Your Account
  • Make Deposits (no coins please)
  • Transfer Funds
  • Make Loan Payments (Mortgage, Consumer, Home Equity, Cash Reserve)
  • Receive Account Balances

Security is built-in. All ATM transactions require your Citizens Debit card and your Personal Identification Number (PIN), which only you know.


The Citizens Debit Card is available, upon approval, for all personal checking account customers. If you do not have a Debit card and are interested in receiving one, please call or visit our nearest branch office.


Notice Regarding ATM Fees By Others:
If you use an ATM that is not operated by us, you may be charged a fee by the operator of the machine and/or by an automated transfer network.

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